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Surgical Appliances with maximum care; where care brings quality, quality brings customers and customers brings apprications.
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Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is one of the Key Performance Indicator (K.P.I.) in Surgical Appliances phenomenal success story in a relatively shorter time span.

Defining and implementing Critical Path Analysis from the very beginning to the ultimate satisfaction of Surgical Appliances invaluable customers and most importantly, sustaining the highest benchmark throughout the whole of the supply chain is an "Open Secret", the company is proud of. As a routine
quality assurance procedure, each implement is quality checked by different team of quality checkers.

All the manufactured implements are quality checked throughout each production step to ensure the strictest quality benchmark is achieved. Director of Quality Assurance spot checks all the manufactured items and forwards his Certificate of Satisfactory Quality (CSQ) to the Managing Director for the final authorization of packing the deliveries. Not even one single implement is packed without the thorough inspection of team quality checkers, Certificate of Satisfactory Quality (CSQ) by the Director of Quality

Assurance, and final authorization by the Managing Director. Rest assured that your implements have passed all the Quality Tests and are now available for a life-long use.

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